1. Probability and statistics 2011-12 PPT 

  2. Thermodynamics PPT(2013 Fall) PPT2014Fall PPT2015Fall PPT2016Fall PPT2017Fall  PPT2018Fall  HW

  3. Process Control (2015 Spring) PPT HWp (2016 Spring) PPT HWp (2017 Spring) PPT HWp  (2018 Spring)PPT  HWp

  4. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) (2015 Spring) PPT TermProject 

  5. Literature Review (2015 Spring)

6.    General Chemistry Lab (2018 Fall)  Course Site (石硕教授)   Safety & Hygiene   Supporting Materials

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We are ging to start our Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics  at the time and place specified in https://1.tongji.edu.cn from Feb. 22th. Please log into https://1.tongji.edu.cn with your tongji ID to find out the class info.   You can find your course materials at the course folder "Process Control 2023 Spring" in the sidebar on the left throughout this semester.  We also use http://canvas.tongji.edu.cn for quiz, homework, term project and term paper assinments.    --Feb. 16th, 2023

Please use  https://courses.tongji.edu.cn  courses # ..., 会议号 ... for online studies.

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Dissertation: Study of TMGa-NH3-N2 systems using in situ Raman spectroscopy / (2003)
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