Multiscale Modeling and computation
Release time:2015-12-23


“Multiscale analysis of the effect of micro-phase separation on the charge transfer at the PEDOT:PSS and P3HT:PCBM layer interface”, Min Huang, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 9567 95671Y-1, Organic Photovoltaics XVI, 2015 SPIE Optics & Photonics, San Diego, California, USA, Aug. 9, 2015

Min HUANG, associate professor (黄民)
PhD in Chemical Engineering, University of Florida 2003, Adviser: Tim Anderson
Dissertation: Study of TMGa-NH3-N2 systems using in situ Raman spectroscopy / (2003)
Office Phone: 65982232
307 Chem Eng Building, Tongji University, 1239 Siping Rd., Shanghai 200092

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